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Johny Dyer


Functional Movement Coach

Athletic Movement Coach

NCCP Weight Lifting Coach

CPR Lvl 1


@dyerfitnessinc | @balancedi

What was your first fitness experience?

"In high school I played tackle football and it was mandatory for us to work out during the season and during the off season, we had mandatory 6am work outs. They sucked at first but then it all grew on me as I got to know my team mates and coaches.”


Why did you stick with fitness as a career path?

"I actually didn't, I thought I would ether play professional football, become a professional dancer or own a major dance company. It wasn't till I got into college when I decided that I wanted to take fitness more seriously and pursue it as a career"


What do you believes your purpose in the fitness industry?

"To help those who are less knowledgeable or those who want to learn more about movement and how it can benefit them beyond aesthetics. To help others understand that what ever got them to where they are in life now, its never ever too late to make healthier self serving ”