Kadeem Willis

Push | Motivate | Inspire 


Kadeem Willis

Functional Movement Coach

Athletic Movement Coach

CPR Lvl 1

@k.physique | kadeem@dyerfitness.ca

What was your first fitness experience?

“My first fitness experience start when I was 20 years old living in Vaughan, Ontario. My older brother took me to an Anytime Fitness and signed us both up for a summer membership. I will never forget it we walked around the gym trying the machines and testing the dumbbells to soon come up with a workout routine that I still use in my routine today.”


Why did you stick with fitness as a career path?

“I stuck with fitness as a career path for the energy and happiness it brings me, it is truly a passion of mine. Every time I walk in to the gym I get this joy and energy to perform and motivate others. With training clients, family, and friends, I feel the same way. It’s such a great feeling to help someone get to their goal and really feel good about it and take their fitness to the next level.”


What do you believe is your purpose in the fitness industry?

“I believe my purpose in the fitness industry is to bring my energy, knowledge and creative style of training. Showing people that fitness is everything, it’s a marathon not a sprint.  It’s a lifestyle we all need to practice and stay consistent with.”