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Robin Ball

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Movement Coach

Corporate Wellness Educator


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What was my first fitness experience?

My first fitness experience was through sport when I was a child. Curiosity in the gym and weight training came after I was hospitalized in my first year university with an infection that left me weak to just walk 100 meters. I used fitness to gain my strength back and haven't stopped since.


Why did you stick with fitness as your career path?

After becoming an aquatic fitness instructor, I found a lot of joy and fulfillment with how my participants felt after my classes. Whether it is fitness classes, weight training or Fascial Stretch Therapy offering a space for people to learn, sweat, socialize and become better people themselves has become a passion of mine. 


What do you believe is your purpose in the fitness industry?

My purpose is to help people find a way to move in a way that they enjoy. A way that is pain free and helps them to create a foundation for life and the activities they love to do.


What about FST attracted you?

I was attracted to Fascial Stretch Therapy because I found its techniques could help me to work with clients in a more effective way. I also knew that educating and helping clients stretch would create a greater importance on while stretching is so beneficial.